because life's too short to be cleaning


"Julie’s Home Services have been cleaning and caring for my home on a weekly basis now for 3 years. 

I rely totally on Julie, even when we are away, and she accepts the responsibility of caring for my old cat. She will also take on other household tasks that we request of her, such as oven cleaning, silver cleaning on so on.

We usually have a “spring” clean on a 6 monthly basis which also includes windows, of which there are plenty in our home."

- Helen and Tom


"I love Julie's Home Services!  I'm a working mum of two running my own business and Julie makes it affordable and easy for me to regularly have a clean and healthy house for my kids.  The best part of it is her efficiency - in roughly an hour she and her team achieve more than I can do in half a day when it comes to housework.  I love coming home after her team have been through to enjoy the peace that comes with a clean environment.  The other plus is that I get that time back to spend on my business and with my kids.  Thanks Julie - LOVE my Thursdays thanks to you!!"

- Simone


"So great to come home to a clean house - you and your staff do a fantastic job - thank you!"

- Karen


“Julie and her team of professional staff are a breath of fresh air.  I am constantly impressed by their stand out service and reliability.  I recommend Julie’s Home Services whenever I get the opportunity.  Working with them is one of the best decisions I have made.”

- Kylie


"Beautiful lady, wonderful service, trustworthy and amazing!"

- Ange


"Thanks Julie!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! 
I enjoyed sipping my coffee while getting a pedicure as you cleaned my home. 'My Movie Star Moment (or an hour)"

- Tonya