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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be sure my property will be secure?

All Julie’s Home Services staff are security checked, and at a national level (not just the state of Queensland).

With regards to access to your home, the safest option is for us to have a keys/gate OR garage door openers/security codes.  This insures the security of your home, you don’t have to worry about remembering to leave keys out and these falling into the wrong hands. 

What is your hourly rate?

Rather than quote an hourly rate we feel it is better for our clients to quote a job as a whole. So you tell us what you want cleaned, and we quote based on your specifications. We’ve learnt over the years clients can often get frustrated when paying for the hour, as they feel certain jobs should be done quicker or are disappointed to learn a cleaner has left earlier than expected. With Julie’s Home Services, you know what you’re getting upfront, so you won’t be disappointed.

How does quote for service work?

We’ll have an initial meeting where we sit down and go through what you want cleaned, how often and your budget. Based on this we work out a personal program and schedule for you. Everyone has different needs and it is our priority to provide a service that’s specifically for you. This makes things easy for everyone, you know what Julie’s Home Services cleaners are here to do and should things change over time you can easily remove or add items from your program. This means the rate is always the same regardless of the time taken.

Do I have to supply anything?

No, at Julie’s Home Services we supply everything needed to clean your home.

What products do you use?

We are always aware of the effect we have on our environment and to that end we have selected environmentally friendly cleaning products and ENJO.  ENJO microfiber technology efficiently cleans your home of bacteria and contaminates without the use of harsh chemicals.  This is better for you and your families' health and of course the environment.  And we love the fact that we don’t have chemical headaches at the end of our work day.  Please feel free to watch the videos that show just how this fabulous product works!

How do you treat mould?

We carry a product that kills the mould and its spores on the surface only. This eliminates the continued need to be using mould killing products on a regular ongoing basis.  Combining this with ENJO we keep mould well and truly in check.  There are of course always exceptions. If the mould has been there for some time, it can actually penetrate the grout and silicone permanently, regroutting is the only cure!

Do we have to leave cash for payment?

With a quote for service there is no need to remember to get cash out. Our invoices have our bank account details, making internet banking a breeze.  The majority of our clients set up recurring payments so they don’t forget and they have no more frustrating mad dashes to the ATM at 10pm at night. 

Do you have a Guarantee

Julie’s Home Services is proud to offer a 'Get It Right The First Time' Guarantee!

We feel this is much better than the typical line given by most cleaners "if you are not happy we will come back and re-clean the area".   At Julie’s we stand by getting it right the FIRST TIME.

Julie’s Home Services guarantees we will give you a 100% thorough clean whether it’s the 1st clean or 100th. We won’t slack off and we work to the philosophy that we’re only as good as our last clean.

If for any reason you’re not happy we provide an easy and non-confronting way for you to let us know, and we’ll resolve the issue immediately.