Is it Time to Break Up With Plastic?

How long is too long to stay in a toxic relationship? We’ve all had some great times with single use plastic now is the time to say goodbye forever!

It’s Plastic Free July and it’s really got me thinking how much longer plastic will be able to hold on. I myself am an avid recycler and agree that single use plastic is well past it’s expiration date.  I put everything I can in the green bin and I even take the lids off any drink bottles which are then taken to a collector and made into prosthetics.  I use organic Skin Care, Bodywash, Toothpaste, these are simple things to adapt and change too, the Supermarkets now are full of 'true' eco options, you don't have to go shop at speciality stores anymore.  I also get my hair done with the most amazing woman who also is environmentally concious Hairdresser

The idea behind Plastic Free July is to get as many people on board as possible to stamp out plastic pollution for good. 

It’s all about having your routines and systems to make everything as a simple as possible and Plastic Free July is a great way to get started.  Could I be doing more, of course, and I'm always looking and changing where I can, but we're all human and some habits are hard to change.  I love my nails, they're a tool of my trade, and with COVID I had none for 3mnths but my fingers were incredibly sore and my nails were rubbish.  


My Three Grocery Store Tips

Navigating the grocery store as an environmentally conscious individual isn’t easy! I’ve come up with a few helpful tips over the years and I’d love to hear yours as well.

  • We all should be well versed now with taking our shopping bags without having to purchase the supermarket plastic ones.  Sometimes we get caught out I know, I have on occasion, more for just a quick pop in to get something we've forgotten and end with half a dozen things we can't carry.  Recycle these back into the system though, don't throw away.  

  • I use my old wash bags for loose fruit and veg

  • I take any plastic bags from food and packaging I use back to the Woolies plastic bag collection.  Coles have the same option too.

  • If I have to buy packaged items (it’s unavoidable!) I make sure simply to recycle the packaging appropriately. I’ve seen people unpackage items but then you can be sure it won’t be looked after by the Supermarket, it'll end up in the landfill

So my main takeaways are, to buy what you need, reuse when you can and recycle absolutely everything that can be.  Obviously there's lots more we can do, but for those of you starting out this is a great starting point.


The JHSC Green Clean Regime

At JHSC we pride ourselves on our minimal environmental impact, so if you aren’t able to make a big change yourself using our team for your home clean is certainly a start.

I’ve been a pretty vocal advocate and self-confessed converter of chemical connoisseurs to the natural wonder of ENJO. 

ENJO’s microfibre technology not only eliminates the need to go use plastic bottles but also drastically reduces the number of chemicals being used in your home.

When I do have to use plastic bottles like for our eco-friendly loo cleaner, my trusty creame cleanser and water power combo we make sure that the bottles are naturally recycled appropriately.

It’s all about doing what you can and making sure everything you use ends up in the right place.


Final Word

Every little change we can make adds up, so start small, stay consistent and initiatives like Plastic Free July will really help us to head in the right direction.

It is also Dry July which I will be following up on in my next post, but now is the time to put the martini down and sign up! I know, I know no plastic and no alcohol next I’ll be telling you no socks in July as well!

As always take care and get in touch if you want a sparkling house without the guilt, remembering that #outsourcingisaninvestmentinyourself 

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